The Fast Track To Financial Freedom

Successfully Retire in 2-5 Years So You Can Do What You Love, Have The Lifestyle You Want, And Live Your Life on Purpose.


Hi, I am Galina Lipina.

I have been fascinated with freedom for most of my life.

So much so I’ve spent the last 10 years & $300K+ in trainings so you don’t have to.

It wasn't too long ago that I would wake up each morning dreading to sit at my desk for 8 hours at my job. I was stuck between reading my personal development books that said I could "Create My Dream Life!" and my reality of staring at the computer screen all day. 

Even though I knew I was a very capable person, I felt like I was a prisoner of the system I created and didn’t know how I was going to get out.  

And it wasn't until I fully committed to making that a reality, set a goal with a timeline, that things started to change, and I achieved financial freedom with 6 figure passive income within 2 years of setting that goal.

Is that something that you also want for your life?

If so read along…

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • You’ve read Tim Ferris “4 hour workweek” book and were inspired to create a freedom lifestyle for yourself but years passed by since you read that book and nothing changed

  • You recently started making more money than what you ever have it feels foreign...and you either increase your spending or finally started to save but don’t know what to do with it.

  • You don’t understand investments and are afraid to lose money, so you don’t even start or you’ve tried a method or two and it flopped.

  • You are not sure what is the best way to learn about investments: your parent’s advice is no good, and your friends avoid that topic as much as you do. You want a financial plan that will get you results in 2-4 years, not 20-40 years.

  • You are not feeling as fulfilled as you used to and catch yourself asking: “is this it to life?”

  • Do you feel like you have to choose between doing things for money and doing what you love..., between financial freedom and fulfillment, and wish you didn’t have to?

Imagine Your Life Where ….

  • You have a consistent passive income coming in to support the lifestyle you want and working becomes a CHOICE...not a “HAVE TO” so you can enjoy all life has to offer NOW rather than LATER.

  • Experiences that have been on your vision board for years are now booked on your calendar and are finally becoming real!

  • Your fear of investments is replaced with confidence in your investment choices and knowing how to chose the ones that are the right fit for you so you can walk a clear path to your financial freedom that fits YOUR specific situation, your dreams, values, and preferences and gets you to the lifestyle you desire in the most effortless and enjoyable way

  • You understand how investments work, where to find them and how to distinguish between and good deal and a bad deal

  • You finally have time and energy to focus on discovering and living your purpose without worrying about making money

If You’re Ready To Make Your Dream A Reality, You’re In The Right Place

At Effective Freedom, we are more than just life coaches or financial advisers. We are on a mission to smart, young and purpose driven professionals and entrepreneurs to handle the money side of their life fast, so they can focus on what life is truly about: enjoying life on THEIR terms, create their definition of success and live their purpose.

Just because your friends and family and your financial advisers are telling you that high return low risk investments don’t exist, and can’t recommend you the financial strategies to retire early, it doesn’t mean it’s true and you are stuck working till you are in your 60’s.

How I Went From Working In Corporate To “Retired” By 33 Living In Mexico

Long story short: After reading "4 hour work week" by Tim Ferris few years back I knew that freedom lifestyle is way better fit for my personality. I had the desire to achieve it for many years after reading the book, but only in December 2014 I made a commitment to myself to "retire" (aka achieve financial freedom) within two years, having no idea how I would do it at a time. Within these two years through saving and investing I achieved my goal of creating passive income enough to support my comfortable lifestyle. I quit my consulting career in October 2016, couple months ahead of my goal deadline. For more details about my journey to financial freedom check out my blog post here.


Since I first met Galina, I knew I wanted to work with her. I could tell that her mindset, her insight, and her results and goal-oriented way of tackling challenges was 100% in alignment with what I needed.

During our VIP day (one-day coaching session), Galina worked together with me to create a master plan for every area of my life. She helped me refine my long-term blueprint for where I wanted to go, and combine my many goals into one congruent vision.

We also tackled specific challenges that I brought to the table — fitness & diet, solving a specific business problem, and finding a way to pivot to a new career in filmmaking. Since our coaching session, I’ve become vegan (one of my goals), completed over 90 days of running every day (I wasn’t even running when I started working with Galina), and truly started taking my health and fitness seriously. Galina also helped me come up with a specific action plan to solve my business challenge. And last but not least, thanks to Galina, I was given the opportunity to be a co-producer on two films.

Her experience, her down-to-earth wisdom, and her ability to come up with solutions make Galina an ideal coach for anyone looking to 10x their progress in life. I would recommend her to anyone who’s truly committed to their success and personal growth.

Thank you, Galina!

— D.M., entrepreneur

Why choose Effective Freedom™ to help you on your journey to financial freedom?

Let's talk abOut financial freedom... 

I think it's important to define what financial freedom means to us. Financial freedom is thrown around a lot online. And many people have different definitions that are unique to them. To me financial freedom is having fully passive income coming in that is enough to sustain my desired lifestyle and I never have to work again. What is your definition of financial freedom and what's the $ cash flow number that is unique to you?

Choose a mentor, not an adviser:

Would you hire a person who is overweight as your personal trainer? Would you hire a relationship coach who is single to help you create a relationship? Probably not. Same with your finances: would you rather learn about finances from a financial adviser who himself has a job, and not much of financial security let alone freedom, or from someone who achieved 6 figure passive income within 2 years from setting that goal, while being pretty busy having a full time job and couple side hassles? Mentor is someone who already achieved what you want and can save you time and money on the way, adviser is someone who theoretically might know the way but hasn’t gotten there himself and may or may not be able to effectively help you. You see, when people give you advice they give you THEIR roadmap, that most likely will bring you to the results that THEY got. So choose very wisely who your choose as your mentor, adviser or a guide in any area of your life.

Comprehensive approach:

We will not just share the investment options but also:

  • Clarify your vision and why behind it, so you are sure you are going in the right direction

  • Work on Mindset and internal alignment that super boosts the journey

  • Help you develop your own unique path and strategy that is enjoyable and effective for you

  • Help you develop an action plan to start making it a reality

No cookie cutter approach:

We believe every person is unique, so so it’s their vision and their path. So our mission is not to just teach you “one size fits all” systems and strategies for financial freedom but rather help you discover the puzzle pieces and put them in the combination and order that fits you.

investor, project manager and life coach ALL IN ONE

Galina is an experienced investor, project manager and a life coach. With this combination of skills all your bases will be covered and you will feel fully supported in exploring different investments options, making sure it’s all in alignment with you, effectively dealing with inner fears and resistances and external challenges and obstacles and planning and executing to bring your dream lifestyle and financial freedom to reality. Galina has more than a decade experience in Project Management managing multi-million dollar aircraft projects, 10 years of experience in life coaching and various transformational modalities, and 7+ years studying and investing in different ways, plus having a network of trusted experts in different investment categories that will be involved in the process as needed, our goal is to save you time and money and creating the most smooth transition possible to living the life that you want.

Effective support in achieving RESULTS is our #1 priority

There are lots of companies, coaches and workshops where you can get inspired but couple weeks go by and you are back to where you are, and you are not supported in implementing what you learned in real life. We are not interested in you just feeling better, but rather in you changing your life so you live the life of your dreams in reality. We have different levels of support that meets your needs and desires (online courses, in person events, group year long masterminds and our most impactful 1:1 packages) to ensure you have no more excuses not to create financial freedom and your dream lifestyle.


Cathy 1.jpg

I have had the pleasure of working with Galina both as a client and as a provider and I can not give enough praise for the quality of person that she is. As a provider  she has done overall consulting for my company by identifying, organizing and rearranging all of my systems flow and identifying the best cash opportunities for me. Nothing that I can tell you can can describe her level of service, care and efficiency. Ever since I started working with her the quality of my clients and collaborations have increased and now I am mainly thinking passive income in all I do, in fact I am now even collecting royalties and splitting commissions for all I do. Galina works completely to the benefit of her clients and she has many out of the box investment opportunities. I’m a matter of six months from having just 1 main passive income asset I am currently participating in two investment opportunities and have 3 projects in line that do not me involved to happen. I am thrilled and excited for the ROI in all of them. I am so grateful to have her in my life. I am planning to never let go off her side. She is by far the provider that has given me the best advice for passive income assets and her level of care, attention to detail, research skills, network, access to out of the different investments, etc, is out of the hook. Her financial freedom program works! I am a witness of that and my friends and family are also benefiting from all she brings into my life. If you have the opportunity to work closely with her do it now and don’t waste time. Time away from Galina is like saying: “I want to take a longer time to be financially free” Who wants that? Certainly not me!

Cathy Niezen - Strategist @ Community Building Consulting

Want to retire in 2-5 years, create your dream lifestyle and live your life on purpose?

Here’s Who We Help…

We are not for everyone… but if this resonates, we may be a match made in heaven.

  • You are a Millennial/ Xenniel and have a high paying job or run a successful company, making at least $250K a year 

  • Your income is generated by exchanging time for money in your current job or business, and you don’t know how you can actually create passive cash flow..

  • You have at least $100K in savings (or have access to $100K capital, or have a good credit score).

  • You are a visionary: you know you are meant for more and have bigger dreams EVEN IF you don’t know what those dreams are.

  • You are tired of making money taking so much of your time and mental space, and are ready to get this handled once and for all and create financial freedom so you can get clarity of your vision/purpose and have that being your main focus.

  • You are an action taker, make decisions fast and trust your intuition, and are proactive in creating life transitions (don’t wait until the last moment when it’s unbearable and you can’t stand another day)

  • You overall enjoy your job/ business BUT you want stability and want the lifestyle/ go travel when you want / have more free time.

  • You have done some personal development and believe you create their reality (you are past victim mentality), and are open to the possibility that you can create financial freedom for yourself

  • You are ready, willingness and open NOW to do what it takes to achieve financial freedom, create your ideal lifestyle and live your purpose.

Who This Is Not For:

  • You are constantly in survival more, still struggling to make money, have no savings, no access to money, and have a bad credit score

  • You are used to blaming life, people and circumstances for not achieving what you want

  • You have commitment issues (I mean, committing to a goal ;) and prefer to go with the flow and see where life takes you, rather than declare what you want and make it a reality

  • You are juggling about 10 other projects and this is a priority but not really...

  • You wanted what you wanted for many years but didn't take any action on it (or dabbled without real commitment), and still believe somehow it will happen one day...

  • You feel like you know it all, always prefer to figure it out by yourself, and are not interested in accelerating your results by investing in your education and working with someone who already achieved what you want.

Still Intrigued? Cool, There Are Few Ways To Work With Us

“Financial Freedom Formula” and 1:1 ”Have It All” customized program...

Option 1: “Financial Freedom Formula” 

Whether you join our programs, our retreats, mastermind or 1:1 mentorship, this is at the core of everything we do.

Our signature program is designed to help you:

  • Get radically honest about where you are financially and your level of commitment to create a new reality for yourself, so that you get crystal clear on your finances and your current level of overall freedom

  • Understand where your blindspots have been in achieving freedom in your life and create a compelling vision to move you forward so that you are inspired and motivated to take daily action and are more fulfilled in the process

  • Clear out excuses and blocks and commit unconditionally to your new vision and achieving your outcome no matter what, so that you get freed up energy, newfound confidence in your abilities and commitment carries you through your journey

  • Identify mindset gaps and discover the tools and resources to get your new vision and belief systems in line, so you are feeling empowered, fulfilled and in the flow.

  • Create your own personalize strategy for financial and other freedoms, based upon where you're currently at with your current resources, accounting for balance and support, so that you see a clear path unique to you that excited you and is aligned with your values and gifts.

  • Create a step-by-step action plan for the next 30-180 days to execute on your vision, so you can take fast and focused action with low stress.

  • Clear out internal blocks and create daily habits and a support system to help you in following through, so that you take consistent action, feel supported and are guided through obstacles.

Schedule your free freedom strategy session today 

⇒ During our time together we’ll do 3 main things:

  • Crystalize your vision for the year

  • Identify what are the biggest challenges holding you back

  • Create a plan and path for you to get there

At the end of our time together if we’re a fit to work together I’ll let you know what that looks like.  If not, that’s totally cool too.


My first session with Galina was years ago, when she was first starting her business. Since then, I have been fortunate to call Galina a friend and a coach, and have witnessed her passion evolve into a well-rounded and mature practice. Galina continuously invests in her own education and training in a range of subjects from finance and business strategy to personal relationships and nutrition. She is open minded and thinks outside the box, yet also possesses strong critical thinking and logistical skills to help develop realistic plans and practical solutions for different situations and comfort levels (often with an encouraging nudge to think a bit bigger).

After a difficult and draining year both personally and professionally, I found myself depressed and without a vision for my future. I knew something had to change, but I didn’t have the clarity or motivation to see what it was. I felt like I needed a mental reset and a kick in the butt, so I hired Galina for an VIP day over the winter holiday. She showed up ready to dig in (this woman was not kidding around!), and over the course of 8+ hours, she guided me through a series of mental exercises that explored the past, present, and future, and the relevant connections and experiences that defined my perspective on my situation. We focused 100% on the areas I felt I was struggling with the most (my needs were mostly related to finance vs. personal relationships, for example), and she had multiple attack plans to dig deep into each topic! Though it was an intense and extremely thorough experience, Galina kept the tone comforting and nonjudgmental. She led a guided meditation to wrap up the session and see if any lingering issues popped up. After that, we reviewed our work and she followed up immediately with her notes and suggested resources for follow up.

By the end of my day with Galina, I was able to understand my fears and blockers more clearly (and how they were mostly unfounded), and to hone in on a few possible strategies for the immediate future as well as for the long term. Through some of our exercises, I was also surprised to learn that what I truly prioritize in life and want for my future is a bit different than what I had been telling myself! Within a month, I left my job of five years and took a three-month sabbatical to travel, reengage in local volunteer efforts, and more actively commit to my hobbies. I also realized I didn’t have to “throw everything away” to be happier, I just needed an adjustment. I was fortunate to effortlessly attract a new role that was a better match for me professionally and logistically, and that allowed me to stay on track toward my financial goals: I enjoy and am energized by what I go, it is 100% remote so I have full location freedom, and my base salary increased 40%. Most importantly, I let go of the irrational anxiety that was holding me back from happiness in my daily life. My approach shifted from a place of fear to a place of peace, and for that I am extremely grateful to Galina!

D.S., Program Manager

Option 2: Effective Freedom Mentorship program: work with Galina 1:1 TO achieve true freedom in every area of life (have it all).

Does this sound familiar:

  • Everything in your life from outside looks amazing, on paper it all looks incredible, and you barely can you look at yourself in the mirror, asking “how did I get here?”.

  • You have your money handled, and are wondering "now what?".

  • You achieved all the success you strive for only to discover it still doesn't bring you happiness or fulfillment

  • Even though you are surrounded by people, you may feel lonely at times and wondering where to find "your kind of people", your community

  • You want to make a bigger impact, in the way that is fulfilling to you, but don't have clarity about what that would look like

If you are ready to break through to your full potential in all aspects of life and achieve true freedom far beyond financial, private mentorship with Galina might be for you.

Freedom Diagram 1.jpg

We’ll have deeper focus on your wants, desires and your purpose, your relationships, and your internal state. Based on your needs and desires it may include some or all of these freedoms. Learn more about these 9 freedoms here: